Created in May 2017 by the University of Danang (UD), in partnership and at the request of Université Côte d’Azur (UCA), the Danang International Institute of Technology (DNIIT) is an entity charged with the development of university collaborations in research, training and innovation between the two universities. Its creation is supported by the Ministry of Education of Vietnam, the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the UCA IDEX and the Francophone University Agency (AUF). A tripartite cooperation agreement was signed in March 2017 between the three partners, UD, UCA and AUF. DNIIT proposes the development of collaborative research and innovation projects in different fields of application. The institute implements innovation and technology transfer activities within the university component of the DU. In line with UCA's IDEX logic, DNIIT plays a central role in building a new ecosystem "University - Enterprise - Society" at the University of Danang in connection with that of the Côte d 'Azur.
The DNIIT is organized into four units:
  • A Center of Invention and Research (MIRE), which currently includes 6 project-teams: Emotica, Susha, Posca, Mavak, Slego, Ecare and Pal. The center also manages the annual Smart-Campus innovative projects campaign on the campuses of the University of Danang;
  • A NiceCAMPUS university education center, which manages a recruitment office for UCA Graduate Schools of Research (master, PhD, laboratory). It is currently working on the delocalization of UCA's e-tourism master's program. It also organizes certified short courses including international thematic (summer and winter) schools;
  • A Francophone Business Center (CNFp; Campus Numérique Francophone Partenaire), which conducts university incentive actions organized by AUF;
  • A Startup Incubator Center (SIC), which will be operational from 2020.
The institute is run by a team of five people. The Director is proposed by UCA, and it is currently Professor Nhan Le Thanh.
The main missions of DNIIT are to:
  • Develop collaborative research and innovation projects between research professors from UD's constituent universities supported by those of UCA and its international networks. Research activities are organized in the form of project-teams. Each focus on trans-disciplinary applied research, which aims to produce applications that meet national and regional economic or societal needs;
  • Organize and implement pedagogical actions related to research in UD and UCA component universities. Create interaction platforms between researchers, instructors, students and industry to meet the need for interactions and to build transdisciplinarity. Contribute to the creation of a new University-Enterprise-Society ecosystem.
  • Organize exchanges and visits by students and faculty between UD and UCA within their laboratories and training programs.
  • Establish and manage international master's and PhD programs in collaboration with UCA and other international institutions to support UD's research and training activities.
  • Support innovative student and faculty projects and act as a liaison with industry partners for technology transfer.
  • Develop collaborations and exchanges in the Francophone university community and contribute to the educational resources portal "Initiative for the digital development of the Francophone university space" (IDNEUF).